May 18, 2024


Learning how to take care of our finances is essential. It is a skill that should be taught in school. Often we tend to learn things the hard way. Most times, we land ourselves into debt and struggle to gain financial stability. Debt is a slippery slope. Once you begin to slip, it can be hard to find yourself out of it. As it is poor financial knowledge that landed us in the first place, it can be more difficult to trust our own decisions. It only makes sense to reach out to someone who knows how to help you. The Credit counsellors at York Credit Services will be there to help you out. Their credit counselling can help you to get out of debt and learn how to handle your finances better. Credit Counseling is not only for those who are struggling with debt but for anyone who is looking to improve their financial skills. The process of counselling takes place over three phases. They are as follows.

Phase 1: Assessing the Financial Situation

The credit counsellors from York Credit Services can’t help you till they understand the problem well. It is only common sense to begin by understanding the problem and then move ahead. In the first phase, the counsellors aim to gather a complete idea about your financial situation. The comprehensive analysis will include disclosing your income, expenses, debt and assets. Every number and detail has to be shared with the counsellors. Being open with them about their financial situation can be an uncomfortable feeling. It might even feel like an invasion of privacy. You might even think that you will be judged for the choices you have made. At the same time, it is imperative to understand that credit solutions are tailored as per the requirement of the situation. For the counsellor to help you out, they need to know what the situation looks like. The experts at York Credit services actively work to create a safe space for you so you feel comfortable sharing details.

Phase 2: Curating Solutions

The second phase is the step where the solutions are curated. Whether looking for debt consolidation or improving credit score, the counsellor will curate solution. The experts at York Credit Services will provide you with multiple options on ways you can handle the situation. As they have years of experience, they know how to tailor the solution as per the needs.

Phase 3: Learning how to handle finances

Once you have been out of debt, it is easier to find yourself back there. The best way to avoid that is by learning how to handle finances. For that, the counsellors from York Credit Services will help you build the capacity to handle financial matters independently. When you have the knowledge and skills to handle the finances, it becomes easier to handle money. Often what happens is when one is out of debt they end up worrying a lot about finding themselves back in the same space.

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