May 18, 2024

A Guide to Moving to Alabama for Northern Yankees

Does the cost of your $3000 rent in New York City have you a little curious about what life might be like elsewhere in the United States? With prices like that, the city you love might not shine as bright as it once did. You might never have thought about it until recently, but seeing the value of Birmingham homes for sale is something you aren’t going to be able to forget any time soon. 

A little worried about the culture shock? Well, who wouldn’t be? Don’t let that be the thing stopping you from a life you are absolutely going to love. Always remember, every comfort you have in life started as something you were once unfamiliar with. So toss your Yankee-card aside and jump right into the deep end of some great southern living. 

The Cost Of Things

A house is a house so it’s still not cheap but look at the deals you are getting. Compare rural Alabama and rural New England. If you really want to see something shocking, look at all you get in urban Alabama opposed to the big cities of the east coast. Once you get that big beautiful house (which is going to be such a great deal) the savings aren’t going to stop there. 

Being somewhere with a lower cost of living means savings are going to trickle down into every purchase you make. From nights out on the town to your grocery runs, after every dollar you spend you’ll be surprised how much is still going to be sitting in your pocket. 

A Great Job Market

There’s plenty of fears that can come along with moving to an entirely new region of the country. One of the major ones is the worry about finding another job in your field. Depending on the industry you work in, remote opportunities might have washed any fears away but if you are someone who can’t remain in their home during the work day, Alabama is a great place to move to. 

Statewide, the job market has been on the rise for the last couple of years and shows no signs of slowing down even though many parts of the U.S. haven’t been as fortunate. Some of the most thriving industries in the state include aerospace, banking and education.

Plenty Of Room

While it’s the 30th largest state in the union, the population isn’t on the higher end. That means plenty of space for you to have some comparative peace and quiet regardless of where you are settling down in the state. Think of less traffic, fewer lines at the supermarket and even more resources for each resident to benefit from. 

Having fewer people around means each person is more important, both in the eyes of the state government and everyone else that lives in the state. Maybe that’s just another example of that southern hospitality but don’t be surprised at how excited your new neighbors are just to stop and chat for a while. 

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