May 18, 2024

Making an ADU Into a Nursing Home Alternative

If you are one of the many individuals in America who care for their aging parents at home, you may be wondering if there is a more effective way to care for them than to keep them at home. Consider an ADU instead of putting them in a nursing home. Small apartments, known as ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, may provide comprehensive care and supervision to your loved one without requiring them to leave their house.

In terms of lowering caregiver stress, ADUs might be a good option for nursing homes. Take a look at the following article to learn more about ADUs in Oakland, CA, and to decide whether they are suitable for your family. If this is the case, Acton ADU’s team of professional builders is always available to assist. You only need to call!

Bringing Your Loved Ones Near You

Having an ADU in your yard may help you care for an aging parent or other family member. The most crucial benefit is that the ADU provides your loved one with more space and privacy, making them feel safer and more at peace as they age. They can maintain their autonomy and self-sufficiency while caring for a loved one.

If your parents require a home-cooked meal or medical treatment, if an ADU is nearby, you can always be there for them. Given all of these considerable benefits, it is evident that building an ADU in your own yard is a beneficial decision for everyone involved.

Additional ADU Applications

ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as a method for housing extended family members or aging parents. These little extensions to existing homes may give a comfortable living area close to the main house.

ADUs allow families to stay together even when living under one roof is impracticable due to circumstances, which is a significant advantage. An ADU may give your loved ones the space and assistance they require, whether they are going through a tough time or wish to test independence for the first time (in a safer setting). These tiny secondary dwellings are often less expensive than larger ones, making them an excellent alternative for someone on a limited budget.

Consider purchasing an ADU as a low-cost alternative for housing extended family or aging relatives. Because of its dynamic design and a wide choice of amenities, it may be the best alternative for all of your housing needs.

In addition to these advantages, you may use them for interests or hobbies. Others utilize them to construct painting and photography studios, while others build libraries and home gyms. Acton ADU can help you since they have seen it all.

How to Start Up an ADU Building Project

A lot of variables must be considered while designing an ADU. Finally, consider if an ADU would be appropriate in your home. Consider the following critical elements:

  • The dimensions and shape of your lot
  • The presence of easements on your property
  • Local zoning regulations

After you have completed your core responsibilities, you may begin arranging the design and building procedure. If you find this intimidating, you’re in luck! Acton ADU is one of California’s most talented ADU builders. You will be working with a team that has over 30 years of experience. They may be able to help you with the following common ADU building concerns in California:

  • Project financing possibilities
  • The viability of the property
  • Costs of unpaid permit fees
  • Housing rules imposed by the government

Acton ADU provides a unique, premium, traditionally built backyard home with all the bells and whistles! Visit to view their portfolio and learn more about families similar to yours looking for more family space. One of their bespoke ADUs comes complete with a full kitchen, a pleasant living area with a mounted TV, a huge bedroom, a full bathroom with stacked washer and dryer units, and even an office space! With so many options, you may customize your ADU to meet the needs of your family.

Suggestions for Security

There are several considerations to make if you want to build an ADU in your home to lodge your elderly or disabled family. First and foremost, ensure that the unit meets all safety criteria and is constructed in compliance with local building codes. Non-slip flooring, a bathtub safety bar, and lever handles in place of typical doorknobs can be added to your ADU.

You must also consider how much care, housework, and other essential chores your family members will require. Acton ADU has various benefits, including in-home laundry connections, which do duties like washing clothing easier.

Finally, arrange the transfer and decide who will pay for any required changes or additions. By meticulously organizing and exploring all of your options, you can ensure that everyone involved feels at ease during the process and has the best possible experience with your ADU.

Taking Care of Elderly Family Members

If your parent or relative has Alzheimer’s disease or another long-term condition, further complications may arise. One explanation is that managing the sick person’s wishes and actions might be difficult at times. Furthermore, ADU residents may struggle to maintain independence and normalcy.

Hiring a skilled nurse or home care provider to give continuous care and support is one solution to these challenges. Pharmaceutical administration, vital sign monitoring, and physical support are all available as required. If they’re having a bad day, every person gets the space they need. The nurse and your loved one will be allowed to go about their daily routines in the ADU on their own.

Other types of assistance, such as visiting physical therapists in person, can help you deal with the problems of caring for an aging relative. Finally, a successful trip is dependent on finding flexible solutions that meet both your needs and the needs of the person for whom you are caring.

Final Thoughts

ADUs offer several benefits to homeowners and their families. We highly recommend that you begin the process of establishing an ADU for a relative as soon as feasible. As you start this project, keep in mind the local zoning rules and how to build the area to meet your specific needs best. The Acton ADU team may handle all of this and more. You may be confident that your project will be completed properly since they have years of expertise in planning and building ADUs. Get into contact with them as soon as possible to get started!

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